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Two Businesses. One Philosophy.


Purposeful small businesses deserve to succeed and I believe that effective, customer-centric marketing gets them there. That’s why I want to make quality marketing accessible to all.


There's so much information and advice out there and so many different channels you could use. I want to cut through the noise and enable my clients to really focus on what is really going to make a difference to them and their business.


Social Media, Content, Email Marketing, Websites, Events and Webinars, Photography and Video... where do you start?!


Whether you want to develop your own skills or outsource it completely up to you. Your business, your marketing, your call. From self-service to full-service, you can choose the solution that's right for you.


Now more than ever, small businesses should have a voice too - I want to help you find yours.

Starting Up?

Are you an entrepreneur, sole trader or freelancer still in the early days of business?

When it comes to establishing your presence, creating interest, and turning that interest into real business, developing your marketing skills really is essential. With so many options to market yourself, where on earth do you start?


It can feel like a huge step into the unknown. If you’re uncomfortable blowing your own trumpet or struggling to articulate what it is you offer to potential clients – we want to help.


Changing Direction?

Are you launching a new product or service or ‘pivoting’ your existing business offering?

Unfortunately, in this challenging world there are no certainties. What worked for you last year (or even six months ago) may not work so well today. If this is you, you may find your marketing message doesn’t quite fit anymore


We want to help you evolve and adapt your marketing strategy, ensuring you can stay in touch with existing customers as well as engaging with new ones.


Scaling Down?

Are you reorganising your time, resources and team to protect your business for the future?

If you’ve previously used an agency or even had somebody in-house looking after your marketing and have had to cut back a little, you may feel a little lost without that support. BUT, so long as your business is still here, marketing is essential to ensure there are still leads coming in.


We’re here to help you work smarter – focusing your time and energy on the things that are really going to make a difference.

How Can We Help You?

I want to learn and take action.

Need to focus your development on a few core areas to make sure you're not spread to thin?

£24 per month

Monthly Webinars
Guest Interviews
Webinar Workbooks

I want the tools to work smarter.

Interested in learning more but don't know where to get the information to make your marketing work?

£48 per month

Member Forums
Guides + Templates
Email Support

I want more hands on support.

Still want to execute your own plan but need the guidance and accountability to get it done?

£168 per month

Monthly Plan
Progress Reviews
Social + Design Tools

I just want someone else to do it!

Looking for a partner to take it all off your hands so you can focus on doing what you love most?

Tailored Packages



Who am I?


Sarah Phillips

Director, Octima Marketing Ltd and Guroo Marketing Ltd

I love to plan, do and teach marketing that's meaningful. I don't want to just be telling clients that they need to build stronger relationships with their customers in order to build a stronger business. I want to show them how.


I've spent over a decade studying and practising marketing, it is what I LOVE. I believe it's about connecting with people - giving a damn about their challenges, motivations, and aspirations. It's about showing them how products and services can solve their problem and enhance their lives.


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